Yesterday in a ski resort, with a friend we were going up by a chair lift. In the right side there were some snow hills that ski jumpers were jumping over and doing some acrobatics. I asked my friend “can we do that some day?” He answered “if we practice we can, but generally it is not my style or interest to do such crazy things, so I don’t dream about that”.

And tonight, I was lucky to be in a seminar that two great documentary photographers of our time presented their jobs. What I was telling myself afterwards was that “I can’t even dream to do such courageous and glorious jobs. I can just appreciate them and be happy that I’m living in the same world that such great people live”.


Andrea Bruce (right), Erling Borgen (Middle) and Pep Bonet (left) in the Nikon Nordic seminar in Oslo – Feb 4, 2013

Andrea and Pep, both of them are documentary photographers for many years and working on human rights issues in many conflicting areas. Andrea which has worked for Washington Post and is working now for New York Times, was in Iraq war for 5 years, in Afghanistan for several years, in Gaza during the recent battle, in Bahrain during the failed revolution and many other risky places. Her enthusiasm for bringing attention to the people in war zones is unbelievable. Once in the QA part,  Erling asked “Andrea, how you can mentally survive after living in all of these disasters?” She answered that every time she comes back home (US), she hopes that her works can change people perception. But when she doesn’t see changes in people mind, she starts another project to do a better job and increase her success chance to change people view! That’s in my opinion truly why she has been recently the recipient of the first Chris Hondros Fund Award for the “commitment, willingness and sacrifice shown in her work.” Don’t loose the opportunity to see her great jobs in her website. She was used to write weekly in a blog in Washington Post about her shots and feelings in Iraq. You can find the archive here.

Pep, the other great photographer, which usually adds music to his photo presentations, has recently received the 1st prize for his first short movie in the World Press Photo Online Short 2013. He has worked on many long-term projects in Africa and South America. He has also launched a 3 years interesting reportage on the rock ‘n roll band Motörhead which is his favorite band. The result of his job is a 10 min multimedia work. Also his website includes his great portfolio, don’t miss it.

And now I’m in the train back to Trondheim. It was a very different evening. am feeling very great : )


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