Almost 3 years ago, when I was in the Netherlands, a friend of mine was helping me regarding my procrastination. She thought one of the roots could be in my “perfectionism”. So she gave me an assignment. I should write a list of those achievements that I had in my life either in my opinion or other people’s. The second part of the assignment was to prepare a list of what I want to reach in the future.

Today I found it in my email and it was interesting to read through the second list! Some items have been achieved and some not, but the more interesting part was the items that I don’t care about them any more. It is funny to see how you change in 3 years! For example I have written there that in the near future I want to: “Restart my non-education studies like philosophy or other related issues to find non-answered questions of my life” which made me smiling. Not because I’m not interested in philosophy topics anymore, rather because I’m not searching for answer of non-answered questions any more. Today I call them non-answerable questions and don’t care or think about them, simply because they are non-answerable and my time worths to be spent on more interesting hobbies : ) One of the hobbies still could be reading philosophy books, but just as a hobby in the same level of playing chess, not as a vision of my life.

I suggest you to write such a list, and some year later you can read it and see how you have changed.


P.S: Another place you can see your changes is your old blog posts. Who knows, some year later I may read this post and smile to some parts of it 😉


2 Responses to “Changes”

  1. Pezz Says:

    یکی دیگه از تغییراتی که کردی اینه که گویا زبون فارسی یادت رفته عااااااااااااااااااااایتی!

    • mohsen Says:

      هاها. راستش یکی ازدوتا دوستای غیر ایرانی علاقمند بود ببینن چی می نویسم دیگه تصمیم گرفتم انگلیسی بنویسم که دوستای دیگه هم بتونن بخونن

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