There are some (or even lots of) moments in the life that we are in a situation not sure what could be the consequence of our actions, it could be awesome or awkward! A very simple example is when we are among some people and we want to make a funny complement but we are not sure whether it would be very funny and people laugh or it could be very tasteless (or sometimes even rude) and people dislike. And serious example is when we want to make a very important decision in our life (accepting a job, investment in a project, etc) and we don’t know the exact consequence and it would be very risky. Whatever the situation is people have different attitude in these moments. Some are very conservative and usually stick to the safe part, their life is very safe but maybe very routine or even boring in other people’s opinion. On the other extreme some people are very adventure, their life have more variety and excitement, but sometime they could be a big losers as well. In which part of this spectrum we are located depends on our personality and maybe we cannot change it too much, but what I want to point is that if we want to have more excitement, more variety, more adventure in our life we should not afraid of being imperfect, being a loser, being impolite, being wrong. Sometimes we should decrease our perfectionism, accept our mistakes and move on more courageously, then more new doors will be open. Back to the joke telling example; if we don’t afraid, among 10 times 8 times our jokes would be funny, and of course 2 times would be tasteless or rude. But no matter, most of the time we are a good humorist ; )

“…  it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”   Here says it is a quote by Marilyn Monroe!


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